Pool inspections or due dilligence can help prevent a lot of headaches:

  • Commercial pools often have many repairs
  • Inspections will help uncover hidden details
  • You will save money when purchasing a pool
  • You will be able to negotiate repair costs when buying
  • You can uncover safety issues with an existing pool

Pool facilities can harbor many failures behind the scenes such as:

  • Too much sanitizer – brittle plastic components
  • Shut off valves that don’t work – inability to service
  • Check valves made from the wrong material – seizure of parts
  • Improper winterizing – expensive to fix leaks
  • Improper flow rates – signs of mechanical failure
  • Wear and tear – failure to maintain
  • Smell – improper HVAC systems

Inspections can cost significant dollars, but when investing in a facility any perspective buyer should have due diligence performed. One facility we inspected had several heaters improperly winterized and broken heat exchangers on all of them.  Give us a call and we can setup an inspection anywhere in the United States.  We will utilize our private airplane to head right to the site you are at and help save you time and money.