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Welcome to the CPO® Classes Texas page! Jason Davies is a PHTA Certified Instructor for CPO®, CST, and CPI Courses.  I bet many of you are curious why you should receive CPO® certification when you might be new to the concept.  It’s pretty normal to wonder about new things and here are just a few things that you will learn by taking a certified operator course.  These skills will help you to achieve success in your job, career, and may be grounds for raises if your employer requires you to be certified.  Several examples of operator certification benefits are:

Certified Pool Operator in Texas benefits

  • Help you to reduce liability
  • Provide you with Knowledge, Techniques, and Skills to be an exceptional pool operator
  • Learn the parts of aquatics that you might not have heard about yet in your career
  • Texas Chapter 256.181 provisions for Pool operations which is the Texas health code for public pools.
  • Troubleshoot swimming pool systems and be able to think more outside the box
  • Learn important information about adoption of the ISPSC 

Want to learn more about taking a CPO® Classes in Texas?

Financial commitment to CPO Classes in Texas

The pool operator certification has minimum pricing across various areas of the country.  Particular pricing changes from time to time depending on the class size and location. Some  organizations send us many employees at one time, and we are able to offer the course at more of a reduction.

My class is structured on the program and my experience as a pool technician.  Each day, I work on swimming pools and you can learn from my experiences in the real world.  Not every CPO® class in Texas is taught by a trainer with experience in real-world scenarios. I’m RAIL licensed, and I have put in the time and effort and continue to obtain industry credentials and qualifications to help teach better classes.

CPO® 2-day training in person 

A  2-day in person class is a wonderful opportunity to have 1 on 1 dialogue with a CPO® instructor and get your questions answered and make a strong effort to incorporate them into our learning objects when possible.


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Swimming pool contractor licensed in Wisconsin and Texas. CPO Certified and PHTA Certified instructor.