CPO® Pool Operator Certification Course

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Jason Davies, PHTA Certified Pool Operator Instructor, CPO®,CPI.

Ready to earn your CPO® certification? Jason Davies, is a PHTA Certified Pool Operator Instructor, CPO®, CPI and I look forward to helping you obtain your CPO® Certification.  My experience in the pool industry covers commercial pool operator issues.  Students who become certified pool operators have an enormous responsibility to safely and properly operate public swimming pools. I want to equip you for that with the knowledge, information, and skills required through the 2-day CPO® pool operator training course.

Sign up for the Green Bay, Wisconsin –  2-Day In Person Certified Pool & Spa Operator CPO® certification, fill out the form below to reserve your spot. This class will do hands on testing of a pool!  Oct 18-19, 2022.  Location: Radisson Hotel & Conference Center, located at 2040 Airport Dr, Green Bay, WI 54313

Experience as a Certified Pool Operator and Aquatics technician

One differentiating bit of information about me is that aside from being a CPO® instructor, I am a licensed contractor in the state of Wisconsin.  I have supervised the build of, built, and repaired commercial whirlpools, swimming pools, aquatics play areas, and taken them from engineering review, design, and concept, through final health inspection and ready to swim.

This journey begins with you

Congratulations on your first step, undertaking the PHTA CPO® class and certification exam.  The CPO® class will provide you a comprehensive wealth of knowledge about pool operation.

Self-Paced Pool Operator Class – 1 day in person

Need to earn your CPO® certification, but can’t make it to my class in person both days?  The POP course or Pool Operator Primer/Fusion (TM) class will allow you to take the first half of the CPO course online at your own pace.  Upon completion of the online course, you will join me for a one-day live session where we go over questions, and local health codes and then proceed with the administration of the CPO® exam. This option is now live on the form below. 

Need private classes?

Do you seek CPO® certification classes at your facility?  The host will provide a suitable training facility with screen and 2-night overnight accommodations for instructor and travel fee as necessary.  Advertising or publication of this course will be the sole responsibility of the host organization.  Minimum enrollment will be at least 10 participants.  These fees are based upon logistics only and are not any type of guarantee of passage of the course.  Please contact me to further discuss this option.

Pool Operator Training

Want to earn your CPO® and also receive practical hands on learning?  Your trainer will take you on a tour of the pool room and you’ll have the opportunity to do water testing while in class. certified pool operator course online

Sign Up For My Class Below

The in-person option will include hands-on, lecture, and students will learn as a team by doing. Please dress appropriately because we will be testing the swimming pool water and in the equipment / pump room. CPO handbook will be included in the price. There will be an open book exam at the end of day two and once you pass, you are CPO certified. The Fusion Option is self-paced. Please set aside 10-12 hours. Once you have your certificate of completion, you will then attend the in-person class on day-2 for your exam.
Price: $19.95
"The Pool Math™ Workbook is the industry’s leading textbook focused solely on making swimming pool and spa calculations easier. The workbook begins with a basic math skills test, allowing students to determine basic math knowledge and ability, and also includes important conversions and calculation review. This product is designed for operators, service technicians, health officials, retail technicians, and those performing pool renovations. Learn how to calculate: Pool surface area Pool water volume Saturation index Filter surface area Flow rate Filter flow rate capacity Chemical dosage amounts Turnover rate Heater sizing Spa draining frequency Make-up water amount Maximum user load Total dynamic head"
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