Certified pool operator training helps you learn how to prevent liability with education

Pool operator training is the first step towards CPO certification. Furthermore, completion of the PHTA CPO classes and certification exam is your first step to your aquatics success.  Moreover, this class will provide you with a comprehensive wealth of knowledge about pool operations.

Education and certification help you accomplish strategic goals for success

Equally important is that you are now on the path of progress!  Everyone wants to move forward in their career. Taking time to get certified is what separates you from your competition. There are people who may never change. Therefore, education that starts with PHTA curriculum is the first step to progress.

Pool Operator training is a standard but does not need to be boring

Moreover, step two involves taking a class with a CPO instructor that will teach you course content.  My passion is helping those who want to earn their certiication get it done but from the perspective of why it is so important.  Classes are sized to meet PHTA standards but we find time to also laugh and learn. Pool service technicians need be certified to work on public pools in almost all states.

CPO Certification for your Staff

All pool technicians should be certified and CPO classes are the best way to start that. Do you need cpo certification california to comply with standards?  California has strict standards for public swimming pools, and some older pools too.  The course is ideal for pool technicians who want to learn how to operate pools safer.  Moreover, pool operator certification is the first step towards a great future in the swimming pool industry.

CPO Certification Instructor:

Certified cpo instructors, professional pool builder. Jason has handled every aspect, from engineering to final health inspection. Struggling facilities can find support and mentorship, achieving consistent results. Jason is a certified instructor and holds certification as a CMS, CPI, CPO, CST.  Jason is licensed in Texas as a residential appliance installer. Licensed as a dwelling contractor in Wisconsin.  Jason’s company also is licensed as a HVAC and Electrical contractor.  All quality instructors will operate in person and teach based upon skills and experience.  Lastly, try not to be tempted by the lowest price classes anywhere.  Experience in instruction is where the value is found.  Florida, Texas, Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa.  I am happy fly into these areas to teach the course  Sitting behind a computer doing online training will help you achieve certification.  In addition, online pool operator training though, in person learning is the most effective way to achieve excellence. CPO Classes are provided by PHTA Instructors.

CPO Classes are fun

In addition, this class is technically driven, yet fast-paced, fun, and relevant.  Jason creates a non-confrontational environment to help you learn and succeed. Since I am a pool contractor and deal with pools daily, each class is generally different rather then just learning the same thing over and over again. We hear that many of prospective pool operators are worried about math. Math is fundemental for chemistry and we love it.  Lastly, I take the time to clearly articulate how to do pool math and you will successfully complete the course ready for the exam.  One great thing about an in person class is that you will greatly improve your knowledge techniques and skill by attending.  Equally important is that the best part of cpo certification classes is having you here to learn!

pool operator certification

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The journey to CPO certification with the right instructor can provide you what you need to achieve success with your aquatic facility

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CPO Certification Cost

The CPO certification cost depends on where training is completed.  You should use caution when providers are offering the lowest pricing as the method to draw you into class. Gimmicks are not appropriate for education and to be a responsible pool operator you must be diligent as you evaluate CPO certification cost.  There are minimum pricing guidelines that you will find for this course.  The CPO Class MSRP is currently $350.  This is only a baseline cost and is not a one size fits all.  Online virtual classes carry higher costs.  When I teach in larger cities my classes are often based on market rate for the facility at the given time.  Typically, you can achieve certification with Jason from $425-$625.  The most important factor in CPO certification cost is the experience of the instructor.   My goal for your certification is to provide education, value, content, and ensure learning.  What good is obtaining certification without being able to have confidence in your learning?  My goal is to help all students achieve this success.

Does your organization need a customized training approach for staff members?

Does your organization seek CPO® certification for staff, but have certain requirements to accomplish that? Part of my goal to equip pool operators for the pool world is accessibility. I travel frequently between Wisconsin, Florida, and our office in Texas. Upon commitment from your organization, we are happy to do training within your organization timeline. Please contact me to further discuss this option as pricing will be different depending on where.  This certification program is generally presented as a day time class.  The cpo certification course can be customized to your audience by the instructor.

Certified Pool Operator Training

Ready to earn your CPO and pass your CPO exam? Perfect, with our swimming pool course you will also receive practical hands on learning.  I will take you on a field-trip to the pool and you’ll have the opportunity to do water testing and evaluate water chemistry  while in my class to hone your skills. Additionally, we will look at water quality issues and hold discussion time.  Done when possible, subject to facility approval for the given state of the class. This PHTA CPO course is approved by the state of Florida Department of Health as an Approved Pool Service Technician Certification Course.  To help your pool service technician with certification, we also provide CMS, CST, and CPI training so that you can improve your ranks.

cpo classes

cpo classes

CPO Certification Texas

I love the great state of Texas, and if you need a certified pool operator course, I teach here often.  We provide training near Frisco, Dallas, and Houston.  We are happy to train health department staff. Other state, local, and government members of environmental health looking to achieve certification for their job roles as inspectors are always welcome.

CPO Certification Florida

The second travel stop for my classes is the state of Florida for pool certification courses.  Are you looking for a CPO license in Florida?  One important thing to note is that PHTA CPO Certification is a certification and NOT a license.

CPO Classes and locations

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free cpo certification online

Did you know that you cannot pursue CPO certification free online?  Furthermore, the CPO is a rigorous program designed to qualify pool operators. The PHTA has mandated a minimum MSRP of $350 which is the lowest price you will be able to obtain genuine CPO certification anywhere.  If you see a price lower than this amount you may have walked into a fradulent situation.  Moreover, obtaining your CPO without attending class or taking an exam would potentially hold you liable for any damages when operating a public swimming pool.

Jason Davies, PHTA Instructor
Jason Davies, PHTA InstructorQuestions?

What’s more, here is real feedback forms from my actual commercial pool operator training classes.