CPO Classes

Why do you want to become a CPO®

Can you think of a way to outdo your competition in the aquatics industry by taking CPO Classes?  Certification is the best way to help you achieve that goal. The coveted PHTA CPO can be yours by attending a training class and taking a certification exam.  One of the best training operations in the country is Pool Envy of Green Bay, Wisconsin. What does CPO get you? It gets you recognized in the industry as a certified professional capable of handling commercial aquatics operations.

Should you consider CPO Certification

Absolutely because you want to differentiate yourself in the industry.  Knowing the dangers of handling chemicals can provide safety and ideas to help you run your pool well.

How do you achieve CPO certification?

Taking a two day in person class is the best way to achieve certification.  You will be in class with a certified instructor who will be able to help with questions along the way.  In person learning is always the best method of obtaining your goals.

The second option you can choose is a day of online learning through self-paced training.  Then you will attend a second day of training in person and take your certification exam.

The last option is by attending a virtual certification class which is based on Zoom.

What is CPO Certified

CPO certified is a certification granted to an aquatics operator upon successful completion of a PHTA CPO Class and subsequent certification exam.  It provides basic training to a pool operator on their state statues for pool operations. This class is for commercial pool operators and should not be confused with the pool chemistry training institute which is for residential.

When should you obtain cpo certification?

The best advice is to obtain certification when you will use it.  If you take a class too far before you get to a swimming pool you may forget some of the information that you need.

Where can I obtain CPO Certification? 

You can obtain certification anywhere you want.  It could be anywhere in the world! Classes are offered all over, but we highly recommend Pool Envy, and instructor Jason Davies as an experienced and passionate instructor who can mentor to all types of learning.  You can even sign up for class here if you want!

What does a typical CPO Class setting look like?

Are you wanting to find out what attenting seems like, well here is a picture of one of our class room settings. We stay organized so that learning can take place.  The classroom is inviting and comfortable.  We also venture to the swimming pool to test the water and ensure that everyone knows how to take proper chemical readings.


CPO Classes

CPO Classes

Why pool Envy for Texas CPO certification:

The ultra highest rated CPO certification class in Texas. Online classes are available, but we love in person. Our courses are exciting more fun,  super easy to understand, and taught by seasoned pool experts. Learn From The Best Pool Envy has to offer.