Swimming Pool Due Dilligence Inspections

Pool inspections or due diligence inspections can help prevent headaches:

  • Commercial pools are often neglected
  • Inspections will help uncover hidden problems
  • You will save money when purchasing a pool
  • You will be able to negotiate repair costs when buying
  • You can uncover safety issues with an existing pool

Pool facilities can harbor many failures behind the scenes such as:

  • Too much sanitizer – brittle plastic components
  • Shut off valves that do not work – inability to service
  • Check valves made from the wrong material – seizing of parts
  • Improper winterizing – expensive to fix leaks
  • Improper flow rates – signs of mechanical failure
  • Wear and tear – failure to maintain
  • Smell – improper HVAC systems

Due diligence inspections are important when investing in a facility any perspective buyer should have due diligence performed. One facility we inspected had several heaters improperly winterized and broken heat exchangers on all of them.  Give us a call and we can setup an inspection anywhere in the United States.  Knowing what to look for is our expertise.

Due diligence inspections

You don’t know what you don’t know about swimming pools.  Jason Davies CPO®, DCQ, CST, CPI at Pool Envy approaches all pools with the background and knowledge of various types of in ground and commercial pools.  Many facilities are looking to sell to avoid resolving pool problems.  Knowing who to speak with at a local health department, or finding out of an engineering plan was missed can help you avoid future trouble.  We can think of one instance where a hotel hospitality group was improperly informed about the condition of a swimming pool.  The problem did not manifest itself until there was significant damage to the facility.  Avoid these types of problems by working with a pool expert.

Due diligence photos

The reason to review your swimming pool is to avoid the potential for negligence.  The photo below demonstrates how a lack of awareness can lead to serious damage.  In this example, the client utilized a HVAC company to provide maintenance for their swimming pool heater.  They failed to correctly clean the heat exchanger resulting in the heater retaining heat.  This retained heat caused the igniter module to eventually melt.

What do Due diligence inspection costs

A typical inspection may start out at several thousand dollars.  Travel and lodging costs will effect the cost of inspections along with the number of bodies of water.  Money well spent though before you jump into a situation that could cost you even more.


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