Glass tile and Concrete Pool step repair

Pool step repair makes your pool great. The excellent thing about plaster and concrete pools is that pool step repair is possible. Pool Envy performs pool step repair on existing inground pools.  Due to improper winterizing, many type of pool step repairs are necessary.  The main one is loose plaster, or plaster that has become detached from the pool shell.  One of the most critical pool step repairs we do is adding tiles to the pool step edge.  These are required by pool codes to ensure swimmers can judge depth and perception before entering the pool basin.

Pool step repair

Pool steps are quite often the victim of harsh winters.  Steps go in last, and may be shot with pool quality material, or left over material from the pool shell.  A rebound hammer test should be conducted to determine the quality of the step concrete first.  After the steps are determined to be of quality concrete, the repair work can continue.

Waterproofing is a must

A correctly cured cementitious water proofing membrane must be applied to any pool steps.  This is insurance against water intrusion in the material.  If steps previously de-bonded, it is likely water penetration is a serious concern.  Always refer to the product guidelines for your particular application.

Tile for pool steps

Especially in Wisconsin, steps should be fully tiled.  Porcelain tiles provide protection against water damage on steps.  Plaster on steps are exposed during winter months to freezing weather and can suffer from damage by virtue of the environment.  You must use a thin set approved for direct submersion. Many contractors cut corners and use products off the shelf at the local home center.  Pool Envy utilizes only Laticrete® products intended for pools.

Glass Accent step tiles look amazing

Have a set of steps without accent tiles and really want them?  When plaster step repair is done, tiles can be added to your project.  This will increase your installation time for correct curing of substrates, but they look amazing! Pool Envy can install Lightstreams glass accent tiles on step repairs.  Lightstreams are made in the US, tested to standards, and will work well in pools.