Pool heater installers near me – service weird flex below:

Per Wis. Admin. Code § SPS 305.70, no person, entity or business may engage or offer to engage in installing or servicing heating, ventilating or air conditioning equipment unless the person, entity or business holds a registration issued by the Department as a registered HVAC Contractor. Pool heater repair should always be done by a licensed technician working for a licensed HVAC Contractor.  Unlicensed pool technicians may not have the proper training resulting in unwanted additional costs. Swimming pool heaters are large gas appliances.

Pool Envy holds HVAC Contractor Registration #1543940 (exp: 12/14/25) [This makes us a HVAC provider not just a pool company] You may verify our license 

Pool heater repair and installation in Green Bay requires a building permit, and is the course for many communities including City of Appleton, City of De Pere, Ashwaubenon, City of Neenah, and City of Oshkosh, City of Green Bay.

Common Heater Problems with pool heaters that you don’t give one rats a*** about. You just want it fixed. Just schedule an appointment and pay us to do it and we will. 

  • Incorrectly sized gas meter
  • removing an old pool heater
  • replacing gas lines
  • leak testing gas lines
  • heater installation
  • spa heater replacement
  • spark ignighters
  • inducer motors
  • capacitors
  • installing a pool with a pool heater
  • you can enjoy your pool with a heater since it will be warmer
  • Improper sized gas piping
  • Missing electrical bonding
  • Missing GFCI breakers
  • Broken or missing bypass
  • Improper gas pressure
  • Control board issues
  • Fouling and sooting
  • high and low limit switches
  • flame roll out
  • heater cleaning

Common Problems with Heat pumps

Swimming pool electric heat pumps are an awesome way to save energy.  We sell Pentiar, Raypack, and Aquacal heat pumps.  We also perform service including capacitor replacement.

Heaters are larger gas appliances than the furnace in your home.  They require an enormous amount of gas supply to keep them running properly.  This starts with the gas meter. Many homes have meters that are not large enough to provide sufficient flow of gas to the heater. This causes the heater to form soot and this causes the heater to run inneficiently and cause significant problems with operations.


The second problem is nature.  Heaters outdoors are an invitation to mice, birds, and other animals that enjoy making nests.  As a result, inducer motors, and sensors may not work due to these nests.  Mice also like to use the restroom inside of heaters causing parts to rust and they enjoy the taste of electrical wires.

Missing or improper sediment traps

Natural gas is dirty. A sediment trap does exactly what is sounds like and captures this dirt keeping it away from the gas valve.  Natural gas should feed into a heater from the top down and then tee into the heater with the sediment trap at the lowest point.  Many installers install them in a horizontal plane and this renders them useless. Here are two examples of improper sediment trap installs.

pool heater service

pool heater repair green bay

Sediment Trap Corrections

A proper sediment trap installation should look like these examples below.

heater installation

As a Wisconsin HVAC provider, we can provide heater installation and help you enjoy your pool with products from many of your reputable brands including

  • Pentair pool heaters
  • Jandy pool heaters
  • Aquacal pool heaters
  • Lochnivar pool heaters