Pool plastering and repair

One awesome thing that we love about plaster pools is that plaster repair is possible. Plaster patching by Pool Envy is repairs on existing plaster and we can make it look good.  Many pools around the Green Bay area are older, and suffer from broken, cracked, chipped plaster.  Most of the time this is  due to old plaster age, bad water chemistry, or a combination or reasons, pool plaster suffers.  Rather than tearing your pool apart for months, your pool plaster can be salvaged when it is in good structural condition.

Plaster Repair and polishing

Pool plaster that is sharp is often caused by scaling.  This can hurt feet and skin along with causing bleeding. Pool Envy can polish those sharp spots on stairs, floors, walls into a smooth finish.  This will remove those sharp edges.  Some areas can be addressed without draining the pool too. Take a look at the gallery below of very old pool plaster that was polished to a like new finish.  Pool Envy enjoys working with SGM as a dealer  We work on may different plaster and pebble brands too!

Restore versus Replace

New plaster startup takes nearly 28 days, and the new plaster is dependent upon your ability to maintain pool chemistry precisely for best results.  Plaster repair involves polishing the defective surface areas into existing plaster to level out issues.  This can be done on new finishes that need surface correction.  Often times builders will cut corners and produce plaster finishes with inconsistency.   Another common problem is water chemistry gets out of control and you need a solution to restore the finish.

Pool Plaster Repairs

Pool plaster repairs often happen after a long winter of freeze/thaw.  Pool Envy can fill in missing plaster areas, and blend them into your pool.  Plaster is a natural product, and result will vary on the condition of the existing finish, but this is a way to maximize your swim season without destabilizing your pool.