Pool water quality

Why does your facility have to smell like the swimming pool?  Walking through the front door, and that lovely scent hits you right in the face every time.  Red eyes, irritation, coughing, and frustration.  Aquatics are a part of your operations and business, but you are in the business of improving guest experience not making them suffer.  Staff constantly complain that they hate being in the pool area because they can’t breathe.  Your guests complain that they had to cut their swim time short due to the swimming pool smelling like chlorine again.  They were frustrated with their nose burning, their eyes itching, and most of all that smell.

The water stinks

Guests love pools, but too often they also love to party.  It should be priority one to recommend that guests take a shower BEFORE jumping into the pool.  Can you teach an old dog new trick? Chlorine + Ammonia and the answer is Chloramines.  Those ugly, smelly, and also toxic disinfection by products that turn your guests against you and increase your costs.  DPD’s as we call them in the pool world are nuisance material.

You want to increase guest loyalty

Not having your pool stink is a great way to make that happen.  Staying on top of the chemicals is a great idea.  Sometimes though, we need more than the occasional chemical here and there.  We need a system in place that will kill nasty germs, oxidize chloramines, and help destroy Cryptosporidium.  Such a system now exists.  You’ve heard of UV and Ozone, and if you have it you may still have issues.  Expensive to maintain and the replacement parts can be a royal pool pain in the drain!

Clear Comfort

The solution is Clear Comfort.  A great product designed by nature and backed by actual science.  Clear Comfort pools keep up with those wild whirlpools and crazy weekends at your facility allowing you to stay ahead of the water quality.  Rather than be frustrated at the end of every weekend, learn to experience the reality of doing the right thing from now on.   Let’s take a look at a whirlpool before and after.

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