Pool Lights in Green Bay

There are many homeowners that want pool lights in Green Bay, WI pool lights added to their pools and this is great idea. Did you know that if you have a concrete pool, you can add lights to your pool somewhat easily?  By using a core-drill, Pool Envy and our team can make your lights a thing that will shine.  Do be careful about contractors who claim to know how to install pool lights. There is a lot of science required to install a light correctly so that your pool remains water proof.

Types of pool lights 

There are several types of lights that may benefit your pool.  One type of light is called a niche light. These lights fit into existing niches or a 1-1/2″ connection inside of a swimming pool.  These niche lights can be networked together for awesome light shows.  All new lights use LED driver technology.  This driver technology is impressive on power savings and the amazing amount of brightness that they produce from such a little bulb.

The upgrade process

How do you upgrade an old pool? It starts with a safety evaluation of your pool.  We need to determine if your pool has an electrical bonding grid, and we need to look to ensure that your pool is correctly wired.  If not, our team will correct all electrical deficiencies and then we can get started with the upgrades.

What to watch out on pool lights in Green Bay

There are some misleading contractors who are offering these services but they do not actually do the work.  Pool Envy is a licensed electrical contractor in Wisconsin and you can view our license information on the Wisconsin DSPS website.  Our company is locally based on the East side of Green Bay, and you can look at our pool photos to see that they are local.  Pro tip, an easy way to spot a rogue contractor in Green Bay is if they have photos of palm trees around the swimming pool!