swimming pool leak detection

Swimming pool leak detection might be necessary when the water level in your pool fall faster than you think it should?  You may have a leak and it is very common in the Green Bay area.  Many pools have leaks around the plastic parts and we are able to identify these.  Our certified leak detection specialists are trained to discover leaks using the latest technology from leaktronics and Anderson Manufacturing two of the largest names in leak detection.  We use electronic testing so that we do not need to dive into your pool to discover issues, because you should be able to find a leak in the ground or around a pool without taking a dive.  On the positive side, we do have A Master certified divers available.

Green Bay leak detection

We have years of experience to find leaks in your swimming pool and we can also locate holes within vinyl liners, decks, and our service team is trained to be able to repair these problems too. For example, here is a video of us using a hydrophone to discover a very large leak within the bottom of a commercial pool.  Check this out!  This leak was dumping almost 4 inches of water down a hotel facility in Door County for years.  They called us, and we were able to locate the leak and correctly resolve it.

Concrete pool leak detection

Many pool companies try to moonlight by doing pool leak detection.  Leak detection is specialized and requires many hours of training to do this correctly.  We understand how concrete pools are built and have no problem locating and correctly repairing concrete pool leaks.

Epoxy is commonly wrongly used on concrete pools and is nothing more than a short-term band aid when dealing with concrete pools.  Epoxy does not flex, but concrete pools do.  As the weather changes a concrete pool will expand and contract.  As this happens over time, it is very easy to have issues with your concrete pool and the expoxy will simply fall out.

swimming pool leak detection

We service Wisconsin, Texas, and Florida.   Knowing that your pool is not losing water is important and can help you save money by not wasting chemicals.  Each time you add something to your pool, you dillute whatever is there.  When you do not have to worry about leaks, you can concentrate on great water chemistry.

Commercial pool leak detection

We locate leaks in commercial pools and pool decks along with swimming pool plumbing.  Additionally, we have the concrete cutting ability to get to plumbing under concrete decks and other areas of your pool to make permenant repairs.

swimming pool leak detection

Nothing more to wait for except obtaining service.  You can schedule your leak detection here.  We look forward to helping out!  Please keep in mind, we are not a franchise like american leak detection wisconsin.  We are a local small business.