demolition swimming pool

Swimming pool removal is the process of taking out a swimming pool. The process is also known as demolition, or demo work.  Our team is skilled with equipment, tools, talent, and planning to help ensure a successful swimming pool removal.  Yes, you can chose the junk guy off the street but swimming pool require care and expertise to remove properly.   Did you know that permits are required in many municipalities to take out a swimming pool?  Below are a few photos of a typical commercial concrete swimming pool removal.  This process was done by hand due to the indoor environment.  You can see, the debris pile is an enormous quantity of concrete!  Do you need to schedule a swimming pool removal?


Swimming Pool Removal done properly can add value to your property.  We use geotechnical engineers to ensure when we remove a pool that the entire area being torn up is correctly compacted. This means when you go to sell your property, you have assurance that the job was done correctly.  Pool Envy is a licensed contractor in Wisconsin, and we take out all applicable permits for each demolition and swimming pool removal that we do as required by the local municipality.  the cost to remove will depend on the size of the pool along with the cost of the pool removal permits.

Having the necessary equipment to complete removal work is something you should look for in a pool removal.  Often, there is a significant amount of concrete that must be broken up and removed. A small excavator could mean days of wasted time.  Many of our pool removals are done with machines that exceed 50,000 pounds.

Why Pool Envy?

  • Licensed and Insured
  • Pool fill services
  • pool removal permits
  • inground pool removal
  • draining the pool
  • full pool removal
  • filling and compacting
  • GeoTechnical Engineering Available
  • Debris Haul Off
  • Restoration vs fill in
  • Proper Compaction of fill material
  • Turnkey work

full pool removal process

The process is somewhat simple. Determine that you no longer want your pool is the first step.  We then secure the necessary permits with your local municipality to do a full pool removal.  If your pool contains water, we will need to work on draining the pool.  From there, we bring in our equipment and get started.  We remove concrete pools, concrete pool decks, and will reseed the lawn where the pool was once we are finished.

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Swimming pool contractor licensed in Wisconsin and Texas. CPO Certified and PHTA Certified instructor.