Dying in your pool would not be fun, so prevent it

What does happen with pools though is they age, and not like a fine wine.  They age similarly to a vintage airplane, and without extensive upkeep and maintenance, issues continue to creep up constantly.  How do you feel compared to how you did 20 or 30 years ago? In ground pools are the same.  What was the trend then, may not be the trend today.  Building codes have evolved for inground pools in the last few decades.

Standards and Acts 

VGBA covers manufacturers of drain covers.  In ground pool drain covers are often not top of mind of the property owner.  As a result, many non-compliant covers exist on pools that should have been replaced years or decades ago.  A flat drain cover is a death trap waiting in your pool.

Consultation first methodology. 

No pool is the same and that is true even if the design is.  Soil, ground water, surroundings, and changes over the years make every pool a unique problem.  To start off, we use a consultation first methodology to evaluate your swimming pool for safety.

Our Approach

Is your pool electrically safe? Does your pool have the correctly sized gas meter, gas piping?  Is your pool equipment correctly grounded AND bonded properly? Was your drain cover replaced within the past 5-7 years and is it correctly secured to the bottom of the pool? As you can tell, there are a lot of questions and these are not quick ones that can be answered over the phone.

Each new client pool starts off with a paid consultation.  This is your opportunity to ask questions, learn more about your pool, and help forecast what needs to be done to correctly address issues.

Tired of the myths? 

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