What To Expect From Your Pool Opening

Pool opening season comes quickly in Green Bay. Once the snow season has passed, the spring season arrives. All too quickly, pool season is right around the corner. Equally as important, Pool Envy can help you balance your water, and get your pool chemistry correct.

Many pool opening companies neglect taking the correct steps and using science necessary to protect your pool from harm.

  • This includes not balancing the water for the right water temperature
  • Not adding the correct amounts of Calcium or Sodium Bicarbonate when it is important

Certainly there are other lower priced methods may work for awhile, but you don’t deserve to have your pool destroyed trying saving a few dollars. Finally, you should definately do it the right way and that is why Pool Envy is the only option in the area for pool opening.

When is the best time for Pool Opening and Calcium

Furthermore, you have probably not even heard of Calcium important for your swimming pool right? This is often a neglected element and when pool water does not have enough Calcium, it will eat your pool plaster.  Again, this is the very reason why your pool looks like garbage each and every spring.  Besides more and more money out the window!

What are some of the consequences with bad chemistry

  • Low water levels can lead to bad circulation issues
  • Missed plumbing connections can result in leaks
  • Improper inspections can cause serious trouble with your pool heater
  • Not having enough sanitizer in the pool
  • Improper water balance and this can create difficulties all season long
  • The inability to enjoy swimming quickly

What servies do you provide when you do pool opening

  • Cover removal
  • Drain Cover Checking for VGBA
  • Checking GFCIs and Breakers
  • Electrical safety and bonding checks
  • Pool cover removal
  • Pool Cover cleaning
  • Deck cleaning
  • Lowering pool deck anchors
  • Adding chlorine and chemicals to pool
  • Testing for metals in pool water
  • Elimination of leaves and large debris from the pool
  • Testing and Checking pool gates and fences
  • Filter Cleaning
  • Start up chemicals
  • Turnkey Pool openings – When we are done with opening, your pool is ready to swim in

How can a new pool owner schedule pool opening?

Neglect can result in pool plaster etching like the photo below. Contact us today and let’s open your pool to avoid that. Want to call? 920-321-1297 works too.

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