The outstanding choice for commercial pool service and repair

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Pool Envy provides pool service and pool repair along with critical analysis of all problems faced when operating and overseeing residential and commercial pools. This includes in-ground whirlpools, splash pads, swimming pools, waterslides and aquatics centers. Pool Envy provides consulting services within the lower 48 states and offers pool service and pool repair to all of Wisconsin and Texas TICL 1350. Our expertise is in Green Bay pool repairs and resolving bad pool plaster jobs. We do pool service and pool care for all inground pools.

Important Swimming Pool Service Notices

  1. Chloramines are caused by chemical feeders on commercial pools that cannot keep up with demand.  This should be an immediate concern to all pool operators.  Do not swim in pools that have a strong chemical smell.  They are not safe.  Contact us about pool water quality testing.  Also, onsider the benefits of taking cpo class to help you address the water quality issues within your facility.
  2. Springtime pool opening time to schedule is now! 
commercial swimming pool room
  • Green Bay pool service for Commercial pools
  • Pool Repair
  • Commercial pool plaster repair
  • Equipment room inspections
  • Pool Water Testing 
  • PHTA CPO® Training Classes
  • PHTA CST Training Classes
  • PHTA CPI Training Classes
  • PHTA CMS Training Classes
  • Whirlpool plastering and resurfacing
  • Whirlpool jet repairs
  • Pool plastering
  • Pool resurfacing
  • Aquatics Consulting
  • Pool service and Pool repair
  • Hospitality
  • Hotel pools
  • Whirlpools
  • Pool remodling
  • Skimmer replacement
  • Pool Leak detection
  • CO2 injection
  • LSI calculations
  • Water analysis
  • Facility assessments
  • Water chemistry management
  • Pool remodeling
  • pool refurbishment
  • Gas piping
  • Expert Witnessing
  • Horizontal sand filters
  • Sand filter repairs
  • lateral repairs
  • glass filter media
  • Pool Closing
  • Pool upgrades
  • Pool step repair
  • Plaster repair
  • swimming pool plaster repair
  • Due diligence inspections
  • Stainless steel polishing
  • Handrails
  • Rust removal
  • Iron and Copper Removal
  • Stainless steel handrail fabrication
  • Automated Chemical Feeders
  • Waterslides
  • Splash pad repairs
  • Renovations
  • Electrical bonding
  • Ozone / UV / AOP
  • Clear Comfort
  • Plaster smoothing and leveling
  • Spot repair pool plaster
  • Electrical safety issues
  • GFCI breaker installation
  • ORP / pH probe replacement
  • SPS390 Engineering
  • Stainless steel restoration
  • Stainless steel rust removal
  • Natatorium HVAC
  • Air balancing
  • Heat and Humidity Control
  • Air handling
  • Pool heater installation
  • Pool heater repair
  • Pool Plaster repair
  • Leak detection
  • ATCP 76 compliance
  • Pool start up
  • Pool restarts
  • Filter replacements
  • Facility audits
  • Plastic fitting repairs
  • Pool Maintenance
  • Concrete pool repair
  • Pulsar alternatives
  • CalHypo – Calcium Hypochlorite
  • Muriatic and Acid Magic
  • National Filter
  • Pentair THS
  • Structural repairs
  • Wisconsin plan review
  • Wisconsin plan modifications
  • Wisconsin plan alterations
  • Structural analysis
  • Green Bay area pool service – Engineering reviews
  • Water Clarity Testing
  • Iron filtering solutions
  • Staff training
  • Chloramine Reduction
  • Auto Covers & Fabric Replacement
  • VGBA Drain Cover Replacement
  • Loose Drain Frames / Grates
  • DSPS Plan Review Submittals
  • Stamped Engineering Plans / Flow Calculations
  • Plumbing and Pool Leak Detection
  • Concrete Repairs
  • Cracking concrete
  • Cracking plaster
  • Deck Anchor Repair
  • Equipment Replacement
  • ADA Lifts & Handrails
  • Tile Repair and Plaster Patching
  • Pool LED Lighting Conversions
  • Pool Plumbing Repair – SPS390
  • Modifications and Alteration Plan Assistance
  • Tile Depth Marker Repair
  • Handrail Anchor Replacement
  • NSF/ANSI 50 Chemicals & Enzymes
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residential back yard swimming pool at night with the lights on in a beautiful landscape
  • Pool steps
  • Pool remodel
  • Gas piping and leak detection for pool heaters
  • Pool refurbishment
  • In-ground opening and closing
  • accent tile on pool steps
  • Chemical feeders
  • swimming pool plaster repair
  • Winter Safety Covers
  • Safety Cover Repairs
  • In-ground vinyl liner replacement
  • Concrete pool renovations
  • Concrete pool plaster repair
  • Pool service
  • Concrete pool step repair
  • Concrete pool electrical repair
  • Concrete pool tile
  • Concrete pool repair
  • Concrete pool decking and repair
  • Fiberglass pools from San Juan
  • Pool Maintenance
  • Drain cover replacement
  • Electrical bonding
  • Winter Covers
  • Swimming Pool removal
  • LED Light Replacement
  • GFCI Breaker Installation
  • Pool tear out and removal
  • Pool draining services
  • Leaking Pools
  • Leak Detection
  • In-ground plumbing
  • Upgrades
  • Cartridge Filters
  • Pool Heat Pumps & Heaters
  • Automatic Pool Cover Repairs
  • Clear Comfort AOP
  • UV Systems
  • In-ground Pool VGBA upgrades
  • Plaster, Tile, and Concrete Patching
  • Poured Concrete Equipment Pads
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Pool Envy fosters meaningful connections within commercial pool settings, promotes education, offers support, and provides expert swimming pool repair and swimming plastering services in Green Bay, WI.

Pool Envy is all about positive vibes, except for the shocks that make you feel weird – those aren’t good. Swimming pool safety taken seriously with GFCIs.

Prevent stains, arguments, and hurtful behavior from family members by staying on top of your swimming pool repairs.

Pool Envy® offers swimming pool repair services and is established in Wisconsin and the state of Texas [TICL 1530].   We are doing consulting only in Florida with more to come very soon.  Let us be honest, your friends, homeowners association (HOA), and parents are judging your previous pool repair failures.  If it appears unsightly, rest assured they are talking behind your back. Poor maintenance of your commercial pool leads to one-star reviews and health department complaints.  You cannot afford that. Reach out to us, and we will put a stop to it.

We get it, attention spans are short, and we may have already said too much. Just hit the contact us  button to get your repairs done. Pool Envy offers repair and services for commercial pools, including pool repair, pool service, and Green Bay Pools.

Client Reviews


DIY Fred can make you dead. Leave it to the certified pool pros in Green Bay

Pool Envy

Pool Envy of Wisconsin performs pool repair and pool service on inground swimming pools and that includes commercial pool repair.

We understand the ins and outs of the commercial and residential pool service and repair industry, which is often a black hole in Wisconsin.  We shine as a guiding light amidst the darkness, confident that through education, we can address any and all pool-related challenges. Our service coordinators are certified, our technicians licensed, and our staff is trained to keep communication open and transparent at all times.

While our primary service area includes Green Bay, we provide swimmming pool service in De Pere, Howard, Oneida, Allouez, and Oshkosh Wisconsin.  Our map is not limited by miles and we will happily come to you if it is a good fit.  Also, pool service work is something we do in the great state of Texas.  Pool Envy TICL 1530 can replace GFCI’s, breakers, pumps, lights, and replace broken equipment on your pool. Pool Envy is authorized to transact business in the state of Florida for consultation purposes.

Stop ignoring cloudy water in your swimming pool. It is not safe.  Water should be clear, smell free and sanitized correctly. We follow industry standards so that each pool meets quality requirements you can trust. There is a Green Bay Pool Service company called Pool Envy and they are the experts in pool repair and pool service that get results.

Do you have a complex pool service problem that other pool companies have failed to resolve? Are you tired of shelling out money each for every return trip without results?  Pool service should not be frustrating. It is time to end the pool service cycle.  You keep doing it only because until now, you could not find a solution.  Pool Envy is that solution for your pool service needs.

Rest assured, we are committed to meeting industry standards and ensuring your pool is compliant. Our dedication to your safety and satisfaction sets us apart from the rest and that is especially true for Green Bay pool service companies.

Contact Pool Envy today and experience the difference that expertise and passion can make. Let us solve your pool repair related questions and exceed your expectations.

vinyl lined swimming pool with the liner removed and prepared for a new liner the pool is 20x40 with a slope
large swimming pool with blue water, dual drains for vgba compliance, crystal clear water

What if finding a reliable and safety-focused Green Bay pool service company that provides pool repair solutions company was just a phone call away? Discover the difference with Pool Envy – a licensed contractor with expertise in HVAC and Electrical – providing a single point of contact for all your pool-related queries. Pool Envy is your choice for commercial pool expertise. In fact, we provide pool service for inground Green Bay pools.

No more wasting hours trying to troubleshoot or do your own pool repair on your commercial pool. Our specialized team understands the complexities of commercial pool aquatics, going beyond typical residential pool repair technicians to deliver accurate and effective solutions. Do you need sps pool care? That is what we excel at.

Imagine having confidence and peace of mind knowing that your pool repair concerns will be resolved right the first time. Say goodbye to worries and stress, and say hello to enjoyable commercial pool experiences! From large water slides to climbing walls, we elevate the pool industry.

By taking action with Pool Envy, you reduce liability and negligence risks, ensuring a safe and healthy pool with an elevated standard of care.

Forget the confusion of commercial pool upkeep and repairs that left you dissatisfied. With Pool Envy, your pool repair is our expertise. We are here to provide pool service for any pool repair issue.

Experience the difference with Pool Envy – your trusted partner in commercial pool solutions, safety, and satisfaction. Contact us today and let us transform your pool repair experience for the better! Green Bay pool service by Pool Envy is the answer you have been waiting for. You will no longer need to make five or six different calls. Pool Envy is the best Green Bay pool service company.

pool step plaster repair in progress with the plaster being chipped off the pool
completed plaster job on pool steps with glass tile inserts

Your Journey Begins Here: Complete the Form, Embrace Our Terms, and Unlock a World of Unparalleled commercial pool Services. Let’s Make it Happen!

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