Get your commercial pool looking good to guests.

Commercial pools are regulated by Wisconsin ATCP76 and SPS390.

Pool Envy appreciates fixing pools the correct way.  Commercial pools meaning  – hotel, condo, a public facility that wants us to do service will have to provide a copy of their pool site plan before we will enter into any engagement of service.  This is so we may verify if your pool was modified by someone else prior to our visit.

Pool Envy has professional engineers on our staff ready to help with compliance, and we can do drawings, site plans, and submittals, including sealed drawings. The DOE has banned the manufacturing of single-speed pool pumps.  Swapping a pool pump in Wisconsin on a public pool does require a plan-submittal under VGBA.  Each pump has a unique curve, and we must verify that the new curve works with your existing plumbing, drain grates, and frames. Understand that other pool companies will happily swap your pump without following the necessary process, we see it often, and that is why we choose not to walk into it. We care about the safety of guests and do not want to see anyone injured because of facility negligence.

The reason why you should have a site plan complete is simple:  It protects you, and the public, and it can save you energy.  By law, you have to keep a copy on site. Where it helps though is once we know the design parameters of your swimming pool, we can formulate a custom solution for your pool.  Increasing your drain line to 4″ from 1-1/2″ may yield enormous energy savings for pump use. We might find out that your old filter is too small for your existing pump, this could help with water quality issues.  You may have drain covers that are too small for your pump, and this could save you the headache of a lawsuit down the road.

There are things you can do that do not require a plan such as swapping like for like equipment. For example, if you have Brand-X filter TA12345 and swap it for a TA12345 you would not need a plan review.  Since many public pool operators are not engineers, it is wise to have an engineer validate your pool design.  For ownership exchanges, perhaps you don’t know what has changed but would like to validate your design to ensure compliance, we can update a plan submittal that reflects the facility as it is.  This way, you can avoid a shutdown if you get reported, or if an inspector sends a referral.

The VGBA (Virginia Graeme Baker Act) was updated in 2021 and has new requirements for manufacturers of covers.  Newer pumps are now variable speed and offer the ability to save your facility money.  It is a great time to get your facility on the up and up and know that you are doing the right thing. We have found significant improvement in water quality after the plan review.  Sometimes, we can safely increase the turn-over rate of the pool without significant upgrades.  This is done by making calculations to validate what we have existing and where we would like to end up.

Under VGBA the drain frame, grate, sump, and plumbing all matter.  Many older pools using 1-1/2″ plumbing are running dangerous velocities that can still result in hair entrapment despite existing updates.  Most of the time this is with the equalizer below the skimmer.  Did you know these can be disabled with an appropriate plan review submittal? We provide a submittal to the state, then we can fill them with concrete and abandon them, the state inspector takes a look and you are good to go.  Thinking of switching to a cartridge filter from sand, a review is necessary.

Public pool operators have an extraordinary responsibility to serve the public with a duty of care to avoid being negligent. Drain frames that are broken can cause your facility to be shut down. There is no gray area with respect to VGBA.  Your pool covers are either in good repair or not. Simply adding an additional screw to a loose drain cover does not make it compliant. It can make a facility negligent should an adverse event happen.  Pool service companies should inspect every cover at every visit.  Our belief is that the person who last touched it is responsible for it.

The myth of the health department.  Your pool is examined under ATCP76 by a health sanitarian often.  The purpose of these inspections is to check a few key points that the state of Wisconsin determined are important.  The main concern of a health sanitarian is if the water contains bacteria and that your chemicals are correct.  They are not pool builders, designers, or engineers.  Many are not trained to look for all of the factors involved in VGBA. The operator of the pool is still responsible.  The CPSC can enforce a fine of up to $250,000 for VGBA violations.  If a patron is injured in your pool due to negligence, it can cost you.  A current and validated engineering plan is a great way to ensure you are taking action to stay safe.

Pool Envy engineers have professional licensure and must validate any design before signing off. Our first design concept is safety first. Over the years we have found issues with public pools that cost operators money.  Loose drain frames, cross-connected plumbing, and unsafe chemical venting. The other major issue we see is NO GFCI breakers and missing electrical bonding.  Aside from the electrical safety aspect, missing bonding can cause major corrosion of your pool and result in rapid wear and corrosion of metal parts.  Incorrectly installed chemical feeders can cause plastic in the plumbing to become brittle is a close second.

Pools age and not always gracefully. Many public pools are “patched” in Wisconsin. Likely because there are a lot of rules to navigate. Our goal is to get your pool to a level of confidence you can feel good about.  One where you don’t have constant breakdowns, and one where you have a pool that is safe and clean, that guests will notice.

Pool Envy provides consulting to help you discover issues with your pool. Do you have SDS sheets? It’s required by law.  We can help you with your written planning.  Is your chemical system vented to the outdoors per the NFPA and NEC? If you don’t know the answer then it is time for a consult.

We’re not your average commercial swimming pool consulting service

Our expertise can make your commercial pool look better and be compliant.  Try our pool knowledge quiz

Swimming Pool Safety and Compliance Consulting

Is that a pool you have there, or a lawsuit waiting to happen? If you’re not keen to take chances with the safety of your guests or the reputation of your business, we can help you to bring your pool up to code. Leave it to our expert team to ensure your compliance!

  • Risk Management Assessments 
  • HVAC assessments 
  • Electrical safety GFCI’s and validation of Bonding 
  • Pool operator training 
  • Facility Walk-Throughs
  • CPO Training and Certification 
  • Needs Assessments 
  • Recreational Water Illness Checklists 
  • Aquatic Facility Inspections
  • Due Diligence 
  • Commercial leak detection
  • On-site Consultations
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Commercial facility repairs

Pool Envy is a pool service company, but what sets us apart from others is that we can fix facility issues with our own staff.  In Wisconsin we hold HVAC Contractor Registration #1543940 and in Wisconsin hold Electrical Contractor License:  1543940.  Our licensed experts can evaluate heating systems, boilers, HVAC, dehumidifiers and ERVs.

We also can audit your pool for proper electrical safety including bonding, GFCI’s for lighting, pumps, and other high voltage circuits, and adding bonding if your pool is missing out on compliance.

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Water Quality Management

Very few of your guests would be willing to share a bathtub with a complete stranger – yet they’re perfectly happy to share your pool with dozens of people they’ve never met before. Don’t break that sacred bond of trust. Let us help you to ensure that your pool water is as clean as a whistle.

  • Pentair IntelliChem Installation – Better chemical management
  • Pool Chemicals – We deliver for you.
  • Testing – Taylor and LaMotte Waterlink
  • Iron Ochre, Well Water, and Hard Water Solutions
  • ORP and pH Probe Replacement – Keep your pool compliant
  • Chemical System Calibration – Saves your facility money
  • UV and Clear Comfort Sideline Installation – Reduce RWI’s & DPB’s
  • Written Treatment Plans – Eliminate guesswork
  • Clear Comfort – AOP
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Energy Savings Consulting

Whether you’re doing it for the environment or for the benefit of your own pocket is irrelevant. The point stands that reducing the amount of power that goes into running your pool is always a good idea. Fortunately, we know exactly how to power your pool in the most efficient way, saving you money while reducing your carbon footprint.

  • LED Light Upgrades 
  • Variable Speed Drives 
  • Flow Vis Meters
  • Hydraulics Review 
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Pool Operations Management

Pool issues got you ready to throw in the towel? Wishing someone would just take the whole thing off your hands? You sound like you need our pool operations management service. Relax and leave it to our team to maintain your pool and its surrounding features including decking, lighting, air circulation equipment, and access points.  We conduct training for certifying pool operators too. CPO Certifications, CPO Training, Pool Consulting.  Green Bay aquatics training, pool operator training and certification.

  • Jason Davies, PHTA Certified CPO Instructor, CPI, CPO, RWI 
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Commercial Equipment Repair and Replacement

As the saying goes: a man is only as good as his equipment. Is that saying about pools? We’re not completely sure. Either way, we’re the ones you want to call when you’re ready to upgrade, repair, or replace your equipment.

  • Drain Cover Replacement – No draining is required
  • Light Replacement  – 120V to 12V Low Voltage
  • Sand to Glass Media Conversions 
  • NSF Rated Products
  • Property Preservation
  • Pool chemicals and Consulting
  • GFCI Breakers
  • Broken tile repairs
  • Depth Marker Repairs
  • Flow Meters
  • Pentair Commercial Pumps
  • Pentair Variable Speed Drives
  • Leak Detection 
  • Plumbing Repairs**SPS390 permits small repairs of less than 10 feet w/o requirements for a plan review. This does not include equipment changes.
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Plan Review and Engineering

Thinking of installing a new pool? Take our word for it: it works better if you do it by the book. A little bit of planning now will save you a whole lot of grief later on. Let us assist you with the plan review process and get your installation off to a great start.

  • Wisconsin and California Licensed Professional Engineers
  • DSPS Plan Reviews 
  • DSPS VGBA Reviews 
  • Pump and Plumbing System Reviews 
  • HVAC System Design and Ducting 
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Before and After Results

It’s hard to be humble when you’re this close to perfect

We already know that you’re going to love working with us

What’s not to love about a professional partnership with Pool Envy? To start with, we’ll drastically reduce your workload by overseeing all maintenance, renovations, and repairs on your behalf.

One consultation is all it takes for us to estimate what kind of work your pool will need and how regularly it will need it.

Finally, you can stop worrying about your pool and get back to what you’re good at – running your business.

What our commercial clients think of Pool Envy

Allahyar Jazayeri
Allahyar Jazayeri
Replaced our pool cover great job! Thank you.
Kirsten Weddles
Kirsten Weddles
Jason was amazing and helpful!! He was able to correct my problem via FaceTime (I’m in FLORIDA!!) at 8pm on a Friday night in 10 minutes!!! Extremely knowledgeable and beyond excellent customer service. Thank you so much Jason!!! 10 stars from me!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Jason Peters
Jason Peters
Ryan Rodig
Ryan Rodig
We moved into a new home in late Spring and had no experience caring for a pool. Jason at Pool Envy got our pool in working order after several challenges, and installed our new cartridge filter. Jason has always been responsive and patient with whatever questions we've had along the way, no matter the time or day. He is very knowledgeable and always provides thoughtful solutions and options to try. I would definitely recommend Pool Envy for anyone needing help with their pool!
Doug Andersen
Doug Andersen
We had Pool Envy repair our ancient (1990s sand filter) after it split apart! A huge mess, and in peak poll season too. Jason at Pool Envy worked all afternoon to bring us a new filter to replace our defunct sand filter with a cartridge unit. We were very impressed by the fact Pool Envy had filters in stock and available mid-summer, but also the attention to detail with installation. The plumbing looks amazing! Thanks Jason, you got us going again, and the pool looks great!
Nicole Davies
Nicole Davies
Tremendous help to first time pool owners!
Diana Zellner
Diana Zellner
We were first time home buyers with a home with a pool! We were struggling with getting our pool chemicals correct and safe for our family. We reached out to Jason and immediately he went to work and helped us more than we could ask!! We highly recommend!!
Jason Davies
Jason Davies
Jeff Kennedy
Jeff Kennedy
During spring and early summer of 2019 we were having an extreme algae issue in our pool. Our pool had become a pond! I reached out to Jason and he came over, took some water samples and came up with a plan. In a matter of a week Jason had our pool crystal clear and ready to swim!! We have already scheduled Pool Envy to open our pool in May, 2020 with weekly treatments. I highly recommend Pool Envy and Jason.

Are you ready to say “goodbye” to the smell of chloramines and “hello” to countless compliments from your guests?

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