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Location: 3490 Spyglass Hill Dr, Green Bay, WI 54311, USA

Main: (920) 321-1297
Working Hours:
Mon-Thursday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM [messages left will be returned] Friday: 9AM – 4PM
Sat / Sun: Closed – Appointment Only

We love working with quality people. Let’s learn more about you. Then move forward.

Important Notices:

  • Respect is paramount with our team. Please glance at our site before contacting us. This provides a lot of great info to help set expectations for service.
  • A safety consultaton will be the first step. These start out at a few hundred dollars along and mileage will increase that cost the further from Green Bay we travel.
  • If you are a Texas resident – We hold TICL 1530, service is performed in tandem with other folks pre-scheduled while we are in the area. Subject to wait.
  • You need to terms and conditions PDF which arrives after you submit this. Emailing and stating that you accept terms is not acceptable.
  • Please do not automatically assume that we will call you about your pool questions.  To protect all parties, everything here is done in writing.
  • If you have an issue that you don’t want to fill out a form to discuss, you can call us during normal hours.  We answer when we can.
  • For high value networth clientele: We do provide fiduciaries services for pools in the US only. Terms and Conditions must be signed by property owner. Property managers may contact us with questions, ultimately, the property owner or agent will need to sign.
  • We do not do furnish bids, estimates, quotes, or bid requests, or HOA’s member questions. If you want to move forward, we are ready.  We value our existing clients and offer them 100% of our attention. There will be no last minute scheduling of projects due to your existing contractor dropping the ball.  Please understand this, that we literally are putting it on our site for you to read.  If you feel that this is unfair, likely we will not be a good fit for you and recommend looking elsewhere.
  • Commercial pools for hotels, aquatics centers, YMCA etc, residential pools and anything inground.  You will be subject to a pre-paid safety consultation too. Your visit may be more extensive due to SPS390 and ATCP 76 compliance checks. We are not the state nor acting as a health agency. For insurance purposes, we need to ensure your pool meets standards at the time of us working on it.
  • Our prices are based upon Pool Envy, LLC performing the work, not what you perceive the costs will be.  There are numerous other contractors out there if you simply want a number thrown at you.  You may see our rates by looking at our terms and conditions form.  Quoted rates supercede hourly pricing.
  • To ensure the highest standard of professionalism and service excellence, we regret to inform potential clients exhibiting disrespectful, demanding, or exploitative behaviors that our services may not align with your expectations. Our goal is to foster a collaborative and mutually respectful client-business relationship. This necessitates a shared understanding of the importance of respectful communication and adherence to our established policies. We reserve the right to disqualify any inquiries that do not align with our values of mutual respect, accountability, and professionalism.
  • Please note, it is NOT our responsibility that you have had a previous bad experience with other pool companies. We follow SPS 390 and ATCP76. We cannot and absolutely will not service your hotel facility without ensuring your equipment is safe.

Policy Update (effective 11/12/2023): To maintain compliance and mitigate liability, we regret that we cannot offer free onsite estimates, quotes, or visits for swimming pool services.  We are licensed HVAC, and Electrical contractors and a licensed builder in Wisconsin.   Our fees are based upon similar professionals within our area, not other pool companies.

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