Swimming Pool Inspection Cost for Your Home Purchase

Happiness is found on a summer day with a cold drink in hand or leaping off the deck into a pool with your children.  But, before you buy or sell a home with a massive fun water feature, it is important to get a swimming pool inspection. Pool inspection costs vary by state and typically range between $400 to $800.  This depends on the complexity of the inspection, the swimming pool, and where you live. It also depends if your swimming pool inspector is a licensed HVAC and Electrical contractor like Pool Envy.  Naturally, little issues should be resolved immediately so that they don’t grow out of control.  Inspectors help you find and identify things that you are not aware of.

Really Cheap Average Cost High Cost
$400 $600 $800

When Should You Get a Pool Inspection?

Pools are fun for the family if they work and are safe. At the same time, if you’re thinking about buying a home with a swimming pool, you don’t want to inherit someone else’s problem.  The last owner may have made pool care mistakes, or was neglectful in maintaining the pool.  

When Do You Want to Get a Pool Inspection?

  • When buying a new home with a pool.
  • When selling a home. – Provides a clear condition report.
  • If you are concerned about the condition of your current pool.

Many things can go wrong for homeowners with an existing pool.  We inspect for cracks or surface damage and assess the condition of equipment.  This may include: GFCIs, bond wires, electrical boxes, concrete lighting, liners, and heaters to ensure compliance with NEC 680 standards and functionality, along with gas codes.

Swimming Pool Inspections for New Home Buyers and Sellers

Swimming pools can be enjoyable, but neglecting a pool inspection before purchasing a home can result in tens of thousands in bills, frustration, and disappointment. In Wisconsin, the average cost of a swimming pool inspection is around $800. While you may hesitate to invest in an inspection, not doing so could ultimately detract from your enjoyment and lead to unforeseen costs and headaches.

Chances are, you’ve landed on this page because you recognize the importance of obtaining a pool inspection. However, if you’ve encountered multiple rejections from various places, consider it a warning sign. Keep searching in hopes of finding a solution. Remember, a pool inspection is a crucial step in the home buying process. Proceeding without understanding the associated risks and benefits could jeopardize your overall satisfaction with the home purchase.

Inspections Cost Money.  It is Less Than Inheriting a Defective and Unsafe Pool.

Not to discount your time, value, or experience, but I’m super cheap and we’ll take our chances. Then, we probably can’t help you.  Move along and best of luck.  If you are still interested in a pool inspection, you might be an intelligent and resourceful person looking to save a bundle on your home purchase.  How does that sound?  

One buyer had us inspect an indoor pool before they put in their offer to purchase.  We found thousands of dollars in problems, and the buyer was able to negotiate that into their final purchase as a credit.  What? Basically, you pay us for our time and expertise.  We will inspect the pool and provide a report with areas of concern. 

Know That You are Jumping into Joy, Not Debt.

Owning a pool is like owning a boat.  There are two happy days – when you buy it and sell it.  Home owners are tempted to avoid pool service and repair to save money and maximize their profit on a home.  Home buyers do not want to go broke inheriting someone else’s mess.  There isn’t enough Google, Youtube, or other pay me .99 cent offers to circumvent that one.

Why Shouldn’t You Cheap Out on an Inspection?

  • Ensure the pool is operational – Sometimes they are not
  • Home inspectors don’t know jack about pools – We are certified swimming pool inspectors and licensed contractors
  • Know the chemical balance is correct – Messed up chemicals cause damage to pools and equipment
  • Determine the pool is electrically bonded correctly –  Damage from stray voltage isn’t fun. It’s shocking. Sometimes, deadly. 
  • Locate GFCI breakers in the electrical panel – The first dip should not be the last. We are talking about electrocution.
  • Identify that pool equipment works correctly – Repairs after the fact are costly. 
  • The home warranty may not cover expensive repairs to pools – We probably will offend a real estate person or two.  Know what the warranty covers.
  • Swimming pool costs are very inexpensive vs the cost of major repairs.

Why Shouldn’t I Trust the Seller’s Pool Service for Advice?

The problem is that many pool cleaning companies only do cleanings. In some states, they aren’t even licensed to do repairs. Their knowledge and experience is limited to a very narrow viewpoint.  If you want a free inspection, that is the only way to get one. We can guarantee though, the seller is looking out for the seller.  Having Pool Envy on your side means having an advocate who is looking out for your best interests.

“Surprises” We Run into During Swimming Pool Inspections:

Jason is a PHTA Certified Instructor, CPO®, CPI, CST, and CMS. Certified in Recreational Water Illness, and a Certified Pool Inspector.  Please don’t risk public safety attempting to YouTube your way into VGBA compliance. What you don’t know can probably hurt you or someone else.   Want to test your skills? Try our online quiz.