Pool Inspections for any home purchase

We inspect pools for new home buyers. If you’ve ever bought or sold a house, you are already be familiar with the seemingly endless list of things that need to be inspected and repaired before a transaction can take place. We’re as fussy as they come when it comes to pool regulations and compliance. An inspection can help you save money, and prevent expensive repairs from becoming your problem. Why do you want an inspection before buying a house with a used pool?

  • Ensure the pool is operational
  • That the chemical balance is correct
  • That the pool is electrically bonded correctly
  • The presence of GFCI breakers in the electrical panel
  • That pool equipment works correctly
  • Because home warranty purchases may not cover expensive repairs to pools

The photo below is a typical DIY repair.  A rubber connector is NOT rated for pressure.  Additionally, it can collapse and ruin the pump. This pool had an above-ground pool pump on the inground pool.  Above ground pumps cannot self-prime.  Huge risk for over heating and fires.  Take our online quiz to test your knowledge about pool safety. 

Jason is a PHTA Certified Instructor, Certified Pool Operator, Certified in Recreational Water Illness, and a Certified Pool Inspector.  Please don’t risk public safety attempting to YouTube your way into VGBA compliance. What you don’t know can probably hurt you or someone else.   Want to test your skills? Try our online quiz.