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Pool Envy® residential swimming care. Servicing pools. Basically, the chaos ends here.  Pool Openings too!

House on the market?

Don’t neglect your true blue asset – your pool!

Rest assured we do real estate inspections. If you’ve ever bought or sold a house, you’ll already be familiar with the seemingly endless list of things that need to be inspected and repaired before a transaction can take place.

Pool Service, Repairs, Resurfacing, Replastering. Pool Envy Repair Service in Green Bay.

At Pool Envy, we prioritize safety above all else and maintain the same rigorous standards for ALL pools and clients. Should you have any doubts about the safety of your pool, we encourage you to consider seeking professional assistance. Our commitment to safety is non-negotiable, and we’re here to help you enjoy a worry-free pool experience. Pool Envy does HVAC and Electrical work on pools too.  In our Texas service area, TICL 1530 contractor.

Since we are already talking about the serious stuff, we should probably also mention the Virginia Graeme Baker Act. This law took effect after a girl drown in a hot tub that was missing a drain cover.  This is a federal law, and “grandfathering” does not protect your family against a dangerous drain cover.  If you have a flat drain cover, we will insist upon replacement with a VGBA compliant one.

New Clients, how to get started: 

Take the first step towards a safe and enjoyable pool experience – simply fill out our easy-to-understand terms and conditions, and let’s schedule your paid onsite safety consultation. Our thorough inspection will ensure your pool meets all safety requirements. If any defects are identified, don’t worry; we’ll guide you through the necessary steps to bring your pool up to the highest standards before we begin servicing. Your safety matters to us as much as it does to you – let’s create a safe pool environment together! Complete the form now and let Pool Envy take care of the rest.

Swimming Pool Services

  • Gas heater repairs, we are a licensed HVAC contractor
  • Gas meter upgrades – Pool heaters are large gas appliances. Not enough gas = repair bills.
  • Electrical Safety – GFCI breakers, GFCI receptacles, Bonding
  • Safety Inspections for your pool autocover
  • Auto cover replacement including new concrete vaults
  • Plaster repairs – We are certified plaster applicators

Automatic Pool Water Management

Pools need less pool repair when they are maintained with automated chemical equipment and can have superior results.  An automated management system can ensure that your pool pH, and Chlorine levels are maintained at safe levels always.  We install and maintain Pentair chemistry management products.

The benefits of an automated chemical feeder in your pool is that it is easier to maintain because:

  • Automatic pH management
  • Automatic Chlorine management
  • Less chemical waste
  • Predictable results

What happens during installation?

  • Initial consultation about pool, electrical, and plumbing
  • Electrical interconnects for the chemical feeder
  • Ensuring GFCI is installed
  • Flow switches and relays installed
  • Chemical feeder installation
  • Plumbing feeder
  • Setting chemicals levels for your pool

Pool Removal and Demolition

Pools are a wonderful source summer fun, but life may result in the need to remove the backyard pool. We have equipment to remove any type of residential pool including concrete.  The process is pretty simple in most cases.  Costs vary based upon the yard and ease of access.  Pool Envy only does full removal and we will never knock down a pool and bury it. We also take out building permits for demolition in municipalities where it is required.

What happens during pool demolition?

    • Take out applicable permits for demolition
    • Sign demolition agreement
    • Review job requirements – We do geotechnical compaction with engineering supervision on site
    • Review the job site for electrical or HVAC requirements
    • Have our electrical or HVAC team disconnect power and gas lines
    • Remove pool equipment
    • Remove concrete decking
    • Remove pool
    • Remove fencing if applicable
    • Fill in lifts, comptact soils, and then leave property

Residential pool safety risks

What we don’t know can hurt us badly, and since there is so much that can go wrong, we should be on alert and seek quality guidance.  Fiberglass pools can sound fun up front, but not maintaining pool chemistry can lead to expensive repairs.  Concrete pools that have poor water chemistry will look terrible too. It’s about finding balance.  Water finds balance all on its own.

Pool Envy believes knowledge and education is the best tool for safe swimming pool ownership. All of us likely own a car and understand the responsibilities, right? Seatbelts, tires, oil changes, air filters, tie-rods, brake pads, and the list can go on, sounds familiar.  Onto your swimming pool, how many regularly check the ANSI/ASME or ISPSC or CSPSC or VGBA, NEC, DOE, Local Building Codes?

Swimming pools with a single main drain can cause suction entrapment injuries and drowning.  The VGBA was passed in 2008 due to an accident where Virginia Graeme Baker drowned in a backyard whirlpool.  More ironic? The law did nothing to force homeowners to make changes to their pools.  It did however push major changes in public swimming pools:  hotels, condos, schools etc.  For us, if we see a flat drain cover, we replace it.  Not being negligent is our goal.

Pool pumps draw a vacuum when they are pulling water from the main drain.  A body could get stuck over this drain and the pump will continue to run, trapping the swimmer at the bottom of the pool. None of us want that to happen, but many pools in the area continue to have these single drains.

Drain covers are the second issue after suction entrapment comes hair entrapment.  Children love to swim and often will do handstands in pools.  The problem is when long hair is pulled into an old drain cover and becomes entangled, the swimmer can drown.  A fun afternoon can turn to tragedy in a matter of seconds.

The VGBA requires manufacturers to have warning labels on covers, and while the public pool world must replace their covers regularly, many pools we see in the Brown County area are 20+ years old.  UV from the sun can damage plastic, bad water chemistry can cause the plastic to become brittle, and as time goes on the risk of accidents only increases.

Solving the problem is simple, just get rid of the main drain.  Many of these old pools have 1-1/2” plumbing that is very dangerous. Small pipes increase the velocity of the water and increase the chances of hair entanglement  The answer is to slow the water down and use proper drain covers.

One simple option that can be done is upgrading your pool plumbing.  Pipes are rather easy to get out of the ground, and upgrading them can not only save energy by allowing you to move more water slowly, but you also reduce the speed of the water which results in a low likelihood of entrapment.  Some pools can even eliminate their main drains altogether.  Pools clean best using the skimmers, and by adding additional skimmers you can have a cleaner pool and eliminate the suction entrapment risks with convention main drains.


Non-VGBA compliant, flat drain covers.  These covers can kill. These can lead to entrapment, eviscerations and death. Replace them ASAP.  Ensure screws are always in place. These get replaced with non blockable drains spaced 36″ apart OR unblockable drains.

Inground Vinyl Liner Replacement

Vinyl liners do not last forever.  Good prep work is helpful in ensuring a near-flawless job. While many pool companies will toss in a liner and call it done, we go the extra mile to make it safe.  We ensure all liner replacements that we do involve adding dual-drains if the pool does not have them.  This is a requirement under VGBA law, that when the liner is changed, the pool must come into compliance per ANSI-5. If a pool company swaps a liner and does not ensure the pool meets VGBA then they can be held liable if an accident or injury were to happen.  It’s also just not safe, so we do not leave it to chance.

What happens during liner replacement?

  • Initial consultation & measuring of the inground pool
  • Identify problems: electrical, drains, plumbing
  • Remove & Disposal of old liner
  • Prep inground pool for new liner based upon client consultation findings
  • Add drains, repair concrete in the pool, etc.
  • Installation of new inground vinyl liner
  • Vacuum secure new liner and add water
  • Go swimming, you not us!

Skin rashes, bad smells, asthma are all not fun. Clear Comfort can help minimize these from happening.

Clear Comfort AOP

Clear Comfort AOP is the system we sell, install and service for the reduction of disinfection by-products. Itching, burning skin and eyes are a thing of the past with Clear Comfort and proper water management.  We can reduce the amount of Chlorine in the water substantially while maintaining a healthy environment. The best part is that it will kill Cryptosporidium.  In the day and age where Chlorine is not able to wipe out this protozoa quickly, AOP does the job fast.

  • It can help eliminate harmful disinfection byproducts
  • Oxidizing without adding chemicals
  • Clearer, Cleaner, Safer Water
  • Water that feels better
  • Water that looks better

Pools require regular maintenance

The trick to keeping these costs down is to get ahead of them before they heap up. That’s why we recommend booking a consultation and having an expert evaluate what your pool needs before the damage gets a foothold.

When you weigh up the cost of a consultation against $10,000 worth of emergency repairs and potential property damage, the former seems like a pretty good deal, right?  Pool Envy is a pool store near you!

  • Major Equipment Pad Updates – Full Remodel
  • Property Preservation – Pool winterizing and safekeeping
  • VGBA Drain Installation – Single to Multi Drains
  • Winterizing 
  • Clear Comfort Installation 
  • Plumbing Upgrades 
  • Pool Plumbing leak detection
  • Leak detection in Madison, Milwaukee, Green Bay, or across Eastern Wisconsin
  • Large Scale Renovations – Indoor and HVAC
  • Heatpumps – Raypack, Pentair, Aquacal, Jandy
  • Automation – Pentair IntelliCenter
  • LED Light Upgrades 
  • Chemical Management 
  • Concrete Pool Pads 
  • AquaMatic Automatic Pool Covers
  • Inground Vinyl Liner – Full Renovation Only
  • Pool Opening – Initial Start of Season Chemicals
  • Training and Chemical Management – Jason Davies, CPO, CPI, RWI
  • Water Quality Management
  • Plaster Repairs and Missing Tiles
  • Green Bay Leak Detection Services

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