Automatic Pool Cover Repair in Wisconsin

Are you having difficulty with your pool automatic cover repair? Our technicians at Pool Envy are amazing when it comes to automatic pool cover repair.  Pool Envy is a dealer for one of the finest brands, AquaMatic Pool Covers. 

Signs that your automatic pool cover needs help

  1. GFCI breakers tripping from the load on the motor
  2. tight canvas
  3. tears, rips, and holes
  4. broken hydraulic hoses
  5. operation not smooth
  6. electrical bonding not correctly secured
  7. discoloration

Bad water chemistry is a huge bummer when it comes to automatic pool cover longevity.  We recommend keeping your water chemistry balanced with the following value ranges

  • pH 7.2 – 7.6
  • Chlorine 1PPM – 2 PPM
  • Calcium 200-400PPM
  • CYA – no greater than 7.5% of total chlorine

One of the Most negleted items on an autocover is the end bearings! 

Many repair companies will cheap out on fabric replacement and fail to install new end bearings! This can result in the ropes not lasting as long.

Our Brands:

  • Aquamatic
  • Pool Cover Specialists
  • Cover Pools
autocover pully at end of track

autocover pully