Automatic Pool Cover Service and Repair Services

Are you having difficulty with your automatic pool cover replacement? Pool Envy provides pool cover repairs and will perform your swimming pool cover repair for many brands.  Our technicians at Pool Envy are amazing when it comes to automatic pool cover replacement.  Pool Envy custom measures fabric for the perfect fit on your existing system.  We utilize premium pool cover fabrics ensuring your repair is done properly without creating hazards.

pool cover repairs

  • bearing replacements
  • leading edge guides
  • leading edge bars
  • fabric replacements
  • power unit replacements
  • autocover motor replacements
  • auto cover rope replacements
  • pulley replacement
  • noisy auto covers
  • full cover care

Pool Envy is a dealer for one of the finest brands

Signs that your automatic pool cover needs help

  1. GFCI breakers tripping from the load on the motor
  2. tight canvas
  3. tears, rips, and holes
  4. broken hydraulic hoses
  5. operation not smooth
  6. electrical bonding not correctly secured
  7. discoloration

Bad water chemistry contributes to short cover life. It can cause brittleness and hazards.  Keeping your water chemistry balanced within the following ranges significantly increases cover life.

  • pH 7.2 – 7.6
  • Chlorine 1PPM – 2 PPM
  • Calcium 200-400PPM
  • CYA – no greater than 7.5% of total chlorine

The most negleted items on an autocover is the end bearings! 

Many repair companies fail at providing great value and do not replace end bearings! Failure to replace the end bearings results in ropes that have to pull too hard to close the cover. Having ropes that pull too hard or pull unevenly leads to an off-balanced cover that does not close correctly.  Pool Envy takes the necessary time to properly address skewing of covers to ensure that the system works as it should.

Our Brands:

  • Aquamatic
  • Pool Cover Specialists
  • Cover Pools
autocover pully at end of track

autocover pully




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