Commercial swimming pool water clarity

One of the top issues for commercial swimming pool facilities is water clarity and this includes hotels.  Many of us walk into our hotel pool hoping for a fun and exiciting day only to see green, soupy water.  The smell of Chloramines (this is actually when Chlorine combines with ammonia, and it’s very bad) permeates through the air and it burns our eyes.  The reason for cloudy commercial swimming pools and trouble with water clarity is often due to filtration.  One of the most egregious acts of bad filtration was the unfortunate death of Marie Joseph at the Fall River Pool.

Commercial swimming pool operators should take water clarity seriously but many don’t know why the water is cloudy.  Commercial pools require engineering plans and when unqualified contractors make changes, they may fail to do accurate calculations on what is necessary.  Common problems with commercial swimming pool water clarity include:

  • Replacement filters being too small in surface area
  • Replacement chlorine pumps being too small to handle the demand of the pool
  • Improper filter media rates
  • Filter sand that is contaminated with bather oils
  • Broken laterals in the filter
  • biofilms in pipes and filters

Laterals should be replaced when filter media is changed.  These laterals prevent sand from getting into your swimming pool and causing your water clarity to suffer.

Pool Envy works on commercial swimming pools and we know how to keep water clarity looking outstanding.  Developing the correct plan to get your pool looking right is what we do.

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