My pool is Green and I want to swim

Our experience tells us a few things when it comes to green pools. The first part is that we can fix it and the second part tells us that it will take more effort than normal to make the swimming pool safe for us. Algae is referred to as a plant, but the most appropriate classification is protists. Chlorine is a sanitizer that is utilized to destroy algae. Once a pool is shocked to 30PPM, it is impossible for algae to remain alive in pool water.

Green is not always algae

Swimming pools are complex systems that circulate water, heat water, and filter it.  Moreover, these systems wear and tear based upon the way that they are taken care of.  Sometimes, when a pool heater starts to fail, it will start dissolving the copper inside of the heat exchanger and this will end up in the swimming pool.  When this copper goes into the swimming pool, it will create a green looking tinge.  In general, we see the swimming pool water will remain clear with green.

Algae in pool water

When algae starts to get out of hand, you will start to notice that the water clarity will change from transparent to opaque.  This is the time when you should not be swimming in the pool.  Algae is toxic to animals and can cause health problems in humans. Not all types of algae are harmful, but it is important to be careful as algae can mask other dangers.

Chemicals and killing algae

The myth about algae is that you just need to use chlorine to remove it from the pool.  In general, algae consumes chlorine and you will need more chlorine than normal to overcome the demand of killing off the algae.   There will be more difficulty removing algae in the presence of Cyanuric Acid or (CYA).  You may find that you need a lot more chlorine than normal.  Importantly, you must test your water and correctly dose it with chlorine or you will simply be wasting money.

Chlorine demand and algae

Chlorine and algae is like having a trickle charger on a car battery.  One amount of chlorine will trickle away and get easily used up.  You need to have a substantial amount of chlorine to overcome the demand from the algae and you need to overcome the cyanuric acid in the pool.  Did you know? If you do not use a large enough quantity of chlorine, you can expect to keep pouring it in until you have wasted hundreds or thousands of dollars?

Chlorine demand and water testing

Knowing the water quality values will help you save money and properly kill off any algae in your pool.  If you need help, call Pool Envy and we will put a stop to algae in your pool.