Swimming pool leaks? Money Wasted. Act Now. Leak locating services

Swimming pools need leak detection when the water level in a pool drops more than 1″ per week.  Pool Envy knows how to detect leaks and we are experts in our industry.  Several options for leak detection include

  • Using underwater microphones to locate swimming pool leaks
  • Dye testing around componants to find leaks
  • Digging up plumbing lines to help find leaks
  • Sophisticated listening equipment to help pinpoint where the leak originates
  • Underwater cameras

Sources of water leaking in a pool

  • Around skimmers
  • at return inlet fittings
  • main drains
  • Light niches
  • old plaster
  • broken conduits
  • Burried plumbing that is broken
  • Skimmer faces

The steps we take to find a leak are developed through our years of experience and training in leak detection.  Our ability to accurately test lines and determine where a leak is located will help us to get the leak fixed quickly.  An added feature of Pool Envy is that some leaks can be repaired during the same visit.  We work dilligently to accurately locate leaks, and use appropriate materials to repair them.

Some times pools will leak when the pool pump is running and then stop when the pump is turned off.  This type of leak can be part of a return side leak as the pressure from the pool pump is causing water to get pushed out of the cracked pipe.

How much is leak detection

Leak detection is a specialty within the swimming pool industry and deserves correct and proper compensation for the technical expertise and equipment used. Generally you can expect a bill between $800 and $1600 depending where you are located.  When leak detection occurs on commerical pools, these prices can dramatically increase due to the extensive experitise and time requirements.

Can you fix every leak at once

One common problem we have from time to time are multiple leaks in the same pool.  While we do an excellent job finding leaks, when there is more than one leak at a time we have to work carefully to fix one leak before we can locate the next.  This may take additional time.

finding a pool leak

finding a pool leak

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