You have a lot of choices in De Pere Wisconsin that you could jump into when it comes to taking about a splash in a custom built pool.  Did you know the Legion pool in De Pere could not be splashed in for awhile until there was a custom fix provided for the leaks in the pool?  We would not recommend a custom spa be built with flexible PVC plumbing.  Flexible PVC is a product allowing a contractor to save money.  The problem with flexible pvc is that it can be eaten by termites and when used in a spa can cause premature failure.

What you should ask your self before choosing a custom pool solution is that you want to know if the contractor is licensed.  Some contractors just join local home builder associations.  There is a responsibility for you to look at what your pool could be like in the right hands. Sometimes though, there are long delays is getting work done.  This is why a pool company such as Pool Envy can do quality work.

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Swimming pool contractor licensed in Wisconsin and Texas. CPO Certified and PHTA Certified instructor.