What is a pool skimmer?

A pool skimmer takes dirty water off of the top of your pool.  This is done in a procees known as skimming, and very similar to what is done with a pool net.  Debris flows into the pool skmmer and is returned to the pool for filtration.  Inside of the skimmer is a plastic basket to catch large debris such as leaves or other objects that should not go through the pool filter.

What does a pool skimmer do?

The skimmer plays a more important role for keeping a pool clean.  Keeping that in mind, it is very important not to put cyanuric acid into your skimmer.  It is also important not to put chemicals into the pool skimmer.  These chemicals can react dangerously if the pool pump turns off and put your safety at risk.

Skimmer are made of plastic and will break if they freeze.  This is one reason why pools should be winterized if the water is going to freeze.

When should a skimmer be replaced?

We replace skimmers that are broken. In the picture below, you can see a skimmer that is being set onto an old swimming pool.

what is a pool skimmer

what is a pool skimmer


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