Pool Tiles – Your constant companion in your pool clean up

Pool tiles are intended to beautify and make your pool look outstanding and seperate the pool plaster from the pool decking.  This distinctive look helps create joy and wonderment when they are done correctly.  Too often, pool tile contractors make bad choices and use terrible products to adhere pool tile to your swimming pool.  The second problem that happens is when pool contractors fail to follow installation standards from the TCNA.  The tile council of north america is the authority on installation procedures and process.  Many pool contractors cause your pool tiles to fall off your pool by not following the 95% rule.  Your tiles need to be well secured to the pool bond beam or they will fall off due to stresses within the environment.

Pool Tiles Must Say For Pool Use

You need to ensure that you use a swimming pool tile for our pool that is designed for a submurged environment.  Some tiles look pretty, but they will fall off if they are not intended to be fully submurged.  Tiles not built for swimming pools are porous and can absorb a great deal of moisture.  These tiles can then freeze and crack or fall apart.

Why pool tiles fall off

Simply put, it is because you need to use the right product and have the right person install them.  Many pool owners want tiles, but want to save money and use anyone who may claim that they can install tiles.  This might work for non submurged applications, but swimming pools are vastly complex and when doing something involving a swimming pool you should do it correctly.

Technicians must follow TCNA standards.  Technicians also must use proper water proofing products behind the tiles to ensure that these tiles will last in your pool.  To answer why do pool tiles fall off my pool is because of error or cost.  Do things right and you will not have these problems.  Pool Envy can help you install pool tiles that are intended for swimming pool environments and use the proper thinsets and morter for the best success.

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Swimming pool contractor licensed in Wisconsin and Texas. CPO Certified and PHTA Certified instructor.