Quickly repair uneven concrete around your pool with proper workmanship not foam fixes

Has the concrete deck surrounding your pool dipped, settled, dropped, or cracked and now causing ugly uneven surfaces?  This is the result of a pool that was built incorrectly and no amount of foam is going to fix the problem long term.  Do you want to throw thousands of dollars at a problem, only to have it resurface in a few years?  Do you want unsightly holes drilled into your pool decking so that you can feel that you are justified in your decision?

There is truth to construction. There is fast, cheap, and good.  You can always pick two but never three.  Do you want to squirt foam under your pool deck? You’ll get it done fast, but will it be good?

The pool bond beam

Swimming pools are dynamic and due to builders not following construction standards, your pool looks like crap today.  The pool bond beam is the upper portion of your swimming pool.  The deck poured over the top of this is called a cantilever coping.  If you raise up your deck with foam, you now have a hunk of concrete that can move and sheer off the top of your swimming pool and now create even more headaches and problems.

Decoupling is the solution

Concrete pools MUST have movement joints.  These joints allow expansion of the decking, bond beam, and other components around the pool to move freely and without causing structural damage.

Sand backfill is the problem

One of the largest problems in Green Bay, Wisconsin with pools is sand backfill.  Sand is not able to be compacted and therefore, it turns to a liquid when saturated.  The sand moves all over and this problem is manifested through Wisconsin winters where there are freezing and thawing cycles over and over.  Jacking up a pool deck with foam only creates a short-term solution.

Correct Pool Coping

Proper pool coping should be 12″ thick on top of the pool.  Then, there should be a 100% seperation joint between the pool itself and the deck behind it.  This way, the pool slap cannot cause the top of the pool to crack or sheer off.   The pool decking itself should be set on a compacted base of crushed stone and the only place you should see sand is inside the filter!

Get your paid consultation quote to eliminate swimming pool trip hazards today

While will not be able to give you a free quote because your pool is unique, but we are happy to help with a fee-based consultation. In fact, you would be able to use the consultation to determine your pool safety too.  We will assess swimming pool electrical bonding and be very meticulous in reviewing your pool.

Your pool deck is required by code to meet electrical requirements for bonding.  NEC 680.26 is the code that covers this.  Just jacking up your pool deck could damage your electrical bond and cause your pool to be less safe.  It is very important that your pool bonding grid stays intact.  As a Wisconsin electrical contractor, this is something we take seriously.