Pool closing and pool winterizing

Pool Envy offers pool closing, winterizing, and winter covering of inground and in-ground swimming pools.  By properly lowering your water line and dosing with correct chemicals , you help ensure your swimming pool closing helps to prevent swimming pool damage.  Closings can be scheduled easily for this season, also you should not wait too long and risk your pool freezing!

Pools should be clean and balanced when going away for the winter to ensure the best results for spring.   Chemistry should be adjusted to project what can happen in winter.

Pool Winterizing

You should not use stabilized chlorine over the winter time.  The low pH of it and the cold and corrosive water will make your pool plaster self-destruct.  It is important to maintain total alkalinity, pH, and calcium.

Pool Winterizing in Wisconsin

  • blow out lines with air
  • cap off skimmers
  • cap off return lines
  • install winter cover or mesh safety cover
  • drain filters
  • drain pumps
  • clean off skimmer baskets