Pool opening in Green Bay, WI

Pool opening season in Green Bay is here, Pool Envy can help you balance your water, and get your pool chemistry correct.  Many other pool companies neglect the correct steps and science necessary to protect your pool from harm.  Sure, their lower priced methods may work for awhile, but you don’t need to have your pool destroyed by saving a few dollars. You should do it the right way and that is why Pool Envy is the only option for pool opening in Green Bay, WI.

Pool Opening and Calcium

You’ve probably not even heard of Calcium and swimming pools right? This is a neglected element and when pool water does not have enough Calcium, it will eat your pool plaster.  This is why your pool looks like garbage each spring.  More and more money out the window due to bad decision making and negligent pool opening services.

Consequences of bad pool opening

Neglect can result in pool plaster etching like the photo below. Contact us today and let’s open your pool to avoid that.