Wisconsin public swimming pools are regulated by the Department of Safety and Professional Services.

Under Wisconsin chapter 390, plumbing systems for public swimming pools have numerous rules that must be followed to prevent operator negligence. These rules are there to protect the public from harm and not following them could lead to events endangering the public.

Many Wisconsin public pool operators are tempted to do repairs without permits to save money.  It can expensive to get caught.

Financial costs for maintaining public pools are expensive, but the cost of a lawsuit due to negligence can wipe away your operator license, and may result in expensive litigation if someone is injured.

Expertise Matters

Pool Envy has specialized experts who are trained to work on public swimming pools, these people are licensed professional engineers.  Under SPS 390, you must be a licensed architect or Wisconsin licensed professional engineer to submit plans to the state for review. Many situations can happen with public swimming pools and repairs do become urgent, but you should not go ahead with work or allow another person to do work without checking if it is legal first. For example, you change your sand filter with a like sand filter, but changing it to another type: cartridge, D.E. requires a review.

Changing a pool pump requires a VGBA review as the pool pump curve needs to match the pools operating requirements.  Adding in a pump that is greater than the approved design can lead to serious violations, death, and velocities as the SOFA (Suction Outlet Fitting Assemblies) that exceed ratings. In 2021, VGBA made significant changes to these rules as well.

A pool professional like the ones at Pool Envy can help you navigate the complexity of public pools and help to keep you out of trouble.  We see many pools where operators trust their existing chemical company to change out chemical feeders.  This action is an area that also requires a plumbing review. Just because a service promises free service for the life of your contact, does not mean that service is correct.  Ultimately, the responsibility falls onto the pool operator to keep your facility safe. There is a lot to know and we are happy to help.

Reverse Permitting

Has your organization gone down the wrong path inadvertently but want to make things right?  Pool Envy can help you reverse permit your pool by taking your existing equipment and working through an engineering plan to requalify what you have in place and submit a new state plan for your facility.

How to get started

We can setup an initial compliance inspection for a fee to look at your facility.  Then work out the details of what would be required from there.  Please see our standard terms & conditions.

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