Pool Water Testing – Ensuring pool water safety 

Pool water testing is a fundamental way of protecting your swimming pool and the associated equipment within your swimming pool.  Pool water testing will help you achieve a balanced LSI (Langelier Saturation Index) which is the measure of acidic to scaling that your pool water is capable of.  Water testing can be accomplished in a number of ways too such as:

  • Electronic Testing
  • Photometric Testing
  • Titrimetric Testing
  • Colorimetric Testing

The electronic testing being one of the most reliable ways to test pool water.  Pool Envy utilizes Palin Lumiso Pool Test Expert so guarantee our pool water testing results.  We operate to NSF standards to ensure your water testing is both accurate and reliable.  In this way, we can help ensure that your swimming pool is protected with correct pool water testing.  Adding to this the staff at Pool Envy responsible for pool water testing are all CPO certified.

The local pool store does not guarantee the best results

Many pool stores in Green Bay and De Pere certainly offer free testing, but you always get what you pay for.  Your pool test might be free, but you are going to pay for the cost of chemicals that the pool company wants to sell you.  These pool water testing treatment plans are a joke.  Automated software looks at results and formulates a treatment plan with a guess and check attitude.

Consequences of free pool water testing

  • Inaccurate results leading to pool plaster damage
  • Being sold expensive chemicals that may not resolve your pool water quality issues
  • Poor water quality
  • The wrong chemical and creating toxic water

Choosing testing from Pool Envy

When you call Pool Envy about pool water testing, we will come to your facility and evaluate your pool water from a perspective rooted in science.  We will check levels related to the Langelier saturation Index.  Our secondary approach will verify these settings by looking at other factors in the pool water that are not always checked by free testing.  This includes nitrates, sulphates, and other chemical constituents and byproducts that could be found.

There is a lot to pool water testing, and while many pool owners want free, doing so over the course of time can put you in a worse position resulting in damage to your pool.  Even if your local pool company sells you chemicals, their recommendations are often based on junk science as they are bias to their pool chemical wholesale companies.  Don’t believe us? Ask them who provides their testing equipment.

Schedule your pool water testing evaluation today

Water testing evaluations can be done onsite and for companies with more than one body of water, the costs are easy to handle.  Schedule your evaluation with us today, and you’ll have amazing looking water along with a treatment plan that your facility can utilize.

Pool Water Testing

It can be difficult to trust the local pool stores.  One particular tool commonly used for water testing, can report bad results if it is not used correctly.  Here’s a video that we filmed with this device. It is important to verify and calibrate all water testing tools so that this does not happen to you.  The wrong results can lead you to buying expensive chemicals that you might not need.

Pool Water Testing

Some organizations offer a 14 point water inspection.  However, this can be a very expensive test if your pool still suffers structural damage.  This is why you must ensure your pool test company is calibrating their equipment and verifying their results.