Swimming Pool Opening

The best time of the year is when you hear the words, swimming pool opening. The pool cover comes off and you get to resume the summer splash pools excitement. After a long snow filled winter in Green Bay, Wisconsin there are a couple things that should be done to get your pool ready for the summer time fun season.

  • Take off the winter cover
  • Treat the water
  • Check your equipment for electrical safety
  • Check your plumbing for safety
  • Fill the pool back up if you lowered the water level
  • Removal metals, phosphates, and any bad looking water from winter
  • Change filter media / cartridges / sand / glass
  • Balance Sanitizer and other things required to assure water quality excellence

Our team of certified pool professionals can easily help you get your pool all set for the season.

Swimming pool opening costs

The level of work that you want to have completed will dictate the price.  Typically, our openings are between $600 $1300+ for residential and more for commercial.  What you have to remind yourself though is that we are not just toss a cover off your pool and walk away.  Our staff open your pool, ensure that your equipment is running, clean your pool, and when we are completed with our work you will be able to swim in your pool.  We open and maintain pools in Oshkosh Wisconsin for example and that is quite the hike from Green Bay.  As our rapid growth allows, we do adjust pricing as our customer bases in various areas increase.

Many of the pool companies that charge far less and also do less. Some simply remove the winter cover and plugs and turn the pool over to you. Where do you start?  Our preference is leaving a pool in perfect and pristine condition. This way we know that nobody is going to get sick, and that the pool is good to go, and that all technical concerns are addressed immediately.  This ensures that you don’t have to wait weeks to swim.