Swimming pool water quality Wisconsin

There are 110,000 swimming pools in Wisconsin but the pool that is not safe matters most.  Having the correct levels of sanitizer in your pool is the best way to keep your swimming pool water quality in Wisconsin solid.  The first thing you want to make certain of is that you have the following:

EPA registered sanitizer with a residual 

  • Chlorine
  • Bromine
  • Chlorine with Cyuanaric Acid (stabilizer) for outdoor pools

Water quality should always be as clear as possible, so make sure you can see: 

  • Main drains
  • To the bottom of the pool

One of the largest problems with water quality are hotel pools on weekends.  Guests get into these pools and enjoy their swimming fun.  As a result, the pools can get overwhelmed by the bather load.  One thing facilities under Wisconsin ATCP 76 should consider is asking patrons to shower before they get into the swimming pool.

The use of enzymes is effective in reducing oils and body lotions and this can be helpful in helping your pool filter catch up with bather load.

Other tips for water quality



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