Swimming Pool Facility Consultations 

If you care and are responsible for guest safety, you absolutely should have your public swimming pool reviewed by a professional aquatics consultant such as Pool Envy.  Public swimming pools are high risk. Furthermore, they are dynamic and this means ever evolving and changing.  Many of the aspects of public swimming pools are governed by state, local, and federal regulations and rarely are you going to be up to date on all of those without the involvement of a public swimming pool consultant.

Your aquatics facility is dynamic and here is a tiny but prolific list of what we look at:

  • VGBA compliance and drain cover safety
  • Total Dynamic Head (TDH) of your existing facility plumbing system
  • Engineering plans – It is important to know how your facility was approved so we can see the changes over time
  • Pump safety – Is your pump too big for the pool? Did someone replace equipment without regard to planning
  • Electrical Safety – Do chemical interlocks exist? Do you have GFCI’s, Do they work?
  • Pool Operator Competence – Through the CPO® or Certified Pool Operator program we can train your staff

Other swimming pool things to consider:

  • Is your pool operating efficiently?
  • Does your HVAC system work as intended
  • Are there improvements that could make your facility more profitable.

Moreover, costs involved will vary based upon location, time, and flight schedules.  Please contact us to schedule.  We consult in all the State of Florida, Texas, and Wisconsin regularly; and are happy to travel elsewhere upon request.


Swimming pool facility consultations

Swimming pool facility consultations